Welcome to School District of Springfield Township's Wikispaces Center!

Wikis are easy to create websites and collaborative spaces where you, your students, and your colleagues can share information. Our school district now has our own Wikispaces site where you can create as many wikis as you like and create and manage student accounts.

As new wikis are created, we will be organizing them below.

Elementary Schools

K-8 Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

Central Services

Making a Wiki

Ready to get started? Click "Make a New Wiki" in the top right, and you'll instantly have a wiki under our school's domain. Here are a few ideas of popular education wikis you can create:

  • Classroom Website: Put your classroom calendar, homework, assignments, and pictures all in one place for students and parents.
  • Project Website: Want students to create a quick website about poems? Make a wiki, put the rubric up, and have each student make a page with their assignment.
    • Great for:
      • Publishing student work and grading student work
      • Student blogs
  • ePortfolios: Empower students to create a place to house their classroom artifacts to share with others.
  • Committee Workpages: Great place to keep minutes, agendas, proposals, and more for school committees and departments.

Transferring a Wiki

Do you already have a wiki at www.wikispaces.com and want it under our school's domain with the ability to quickly create/manage your students' accounts? Contact your Site Administrator and help@wikispaces.com with the current address of the wiki you would like to migrate and we'll handle the rest!

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